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June 2013
New Li-ion batteries available for Dynamic / MJ / MK Series Lithium-ion batteries and battery chargers are now available for the Dynamic and Modular series. These optional batteries allow extended radio remote control run time (approx. 80% longer than NiMH), better performance at very low temperatures, extended life after 500 charge/discharge cycles, and recharge time reduced by approximately 40% in comparison with standard batteries. These batteries are also recommended for applications where the remote control may not be used for a period of some months, as the risk of battery damage when not being charged is reduced. Datasheet
Jan 2013
Supervised-Operator-System Designed for use in Elevating Work Platform applications, the Supervised Operator System (SOS) provides controls for the operator in the Basket, as well as as safety Observer on the ground. With an integrated receiver that communicates simultaneously with both transmitters, the system allows the Supervisor to quickly shut down the machine or take control in an emergency. More information is available on the SOS page.
December 2013
New Chain Hoist receiver for AIR series safety remote controls Chain hoists can present several challenges to the installer of radio remote control systems. Typically,  the space available is very small, and there may be insufficient power from the hoist’s control transformer to operate a radio receiver. Operation from normal mains voltage may not be possible, as many hoists operate from 3-phase power with no neutral wire being run, The new type-H receiver solves these problems with its ultra-compact design and extremely wide operating voltage (40-450Vac), When teamed with the automatic channel-selection and other powerful features of the AIR series, it makes the perfect remote control for chain hoists. AIR Series
October 2013
A8-2-L1 Safety Remote Control now available The type-L receiver for the AIR series is now available for immediate delivery,  With its integrated 40- 264Vac power supply, the type-L is the receiver of first-choice for cranes where ruggedness, reliability, safety and economy are of equal concern. If data-feedback is required, the type G1 receiver has the same features, as well as 4 x digital inputs which may be used to display the crane status on the handpiece.  More  on the AIR Series available here.
November 2013
Powerful new HMI Controllers Intercontrol have released the powerful new HMI-4 and HMI-7 operator interfaces. Available in variants with and without touchscreens and mechanical keypads, the devices have 4.3” and 7” TFT colour graphic LCDs. Programmable in CodeSYS 3.5, the HMI-4 and HMI-7 can operate as a CANOpen master, so only need the addition of ICN-V or ICN-D nodes to build a complete control system.   Electrically and mechanically rugged, they are perfectly suited for off-road vehicle control systems. The catalogue is available here.
June 2014
New Proportional control on a push-button LK remote The LK6-1 handheld remote control is now available with a potentiometer on the side that provides a 0- 10V output at the receiver. Designed for machinery that requires speed control, it can be used with receivers on either AC or DC machines, so is a perfect fit where variable-speed drives neet to be controlled with an adjustable voltage. Other applications include concrete line pumps, forestry machines, and the proportional control of hydraulic valves with optional PWM control.
November 2014
New Pendant for Chain Hoists Available in the early 2015, the new HP03 pendant is the perfect partner for chain hoists. With two ergonomically-styled pushbuttons and a positive-break Emergency-stop, the HP03 allows operation with heavy gloves while still maintaining excellent control. Available in both 1-speed and 2-speed variants, the buttons have positive travel and detents, so the operator can feel that he has selected the correct speed. The giuards around the buttons allow easy access, but provide protection against the knocks that pendants are subjected to, and helps prevent inadvertent operation.
April 2015
Our Online Store is open Many of our products are now available for immediate purchase through the online store. Various payment types are available, including Paypal and EFT, or you can call or fax us you credit card details if you prefer.
August 2015
ARX receiver now available The compact and cost-effective ARX receiver is now available for the Dynamic series remotes,  It can be a good choice for simpler applications where there are not a lot of functions, and the capabilities of the standard ARM receiver are not needed. Consequently,  it is mostly used on FJS and FJL remote controls on truck cranes, and other small machines where its compact size is a particular advantage. More  on the Dynamic Series is available here.
September 2015
New Cable Conrtollers with CANOpen option We have now released the WA (analogue) and WC (CANopen) cable controllers which are a  perfect partner for our proportional radio control systems. The WA type is capable of driving up to 6 x bi-directional PWM valves or voltage-controlled valves (e.g. Danfoss PVEH). The WC type provides a CANOpen interface and can also featre a graphic screen for the display of machine status in icons and text.  Available in two sizes, the WA/WC remotes are locally designed and built to suit your application. Visit the cable controller page here.